Edgewick Ale

English Pale Ale

Inspired by Co-founder Robert Grim's grandfather, James Edge, an Englishman with a love for ales from the homeland. And a true English pub in the basement of his home (called Edgewick) in Wassergass, Pa. He named it “The Case is Altered" after his favorite pub, in Shrewley, England. Family and friends from far and wide have been gathering there for over 50 years. Making it somewhat of an unofficial local institution. In honor of “The Case" and all English pubs, this proper English pale ale features malt flavors of toasted breads, nuts, and caramel, blending with herbal and floral hop flavors, and a mild balancing bitterness. The yeast lends moderate fruit esters. Made from all English ingredients, it is medium bodied, beautifully balanced and less hoppy than American pales. This is "the pub" in a pint. Cheers mate!

Color: 15 SRM / Copper, Amber

IBU: 35

Gravity: 1.052

ABV: 5.0%

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