Odd Fellow


This is one of our earliest recipes, crafted by co-founder Anthony Gangi years ago, in the infancy of Gangi and Grim's brewing career. We have tweaked and tinkered with it over the years and it has become one of, if not the most popular beer we've shared with people.

The malt flavors of biscuit and fresh baked bread, are balanced by delicate floral hops with a rather mild bitterness. Oranges are added to lend a subtle citrus sweetness that complements the fruity, dry, and peppery notes contributed by the yeast. This lively and effervescent brew is unique, an Odd Fellow if you will, but an ever lovable one at that. And like the social organization it refers to (which had a hall in Hellertown, no. 606), we offer it to spread friendship, love and truth. We just do it through beer.

Color: 12 SRM /  Orange Amber. Slightly Hazy

IBU: 25

Gravity: 1.060

ABV: 8.5%

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