Our home of Hellertown, Pennyslvania has a long and rich history, dating to the 18th century. The town was settled in 1742 by Dutch immigrants,  the Heller and Wagner families. The first record of any business in the town is that of a tavern license issued to Christopher Wagner in 1746. Wagner's tavern  was the main hub of social interaction in the area, and they likely brewed their beer on site, as so many early American taverns did. Eventually the tavern closed and over the years it's actual location has been lost to history. We named our business to honor that first tavern, the town it helped create, and the town it is still helping to shape. This is why we say: Honor the Past, Craft the Future


Our company was founded in 2014 by childhood friends Anthony Gangi and Robert Grim after years of home brewing and honing their craft. In 2015, Grim and Gangi partnered with Ken and Kenny Rampolla and the dream of Lost Tavern Brewing was realized when we opened the doors to our beautiful brewery and tap room in Hellertown on the First of July, 2016. Our aim is to provide fresh beer of the highest quality in a variety of styles, from classics to the creatively crafted.


Robert Grim - Co Founder, President.
Anthony Gangi - Co Founder, Head of Operations 

Kenny Rampolla - VP of Sales and Marketing

Ken Rampolla - CEO

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