Lost Tavern TAP ROOM

Step into Lost Tavern Brewing and experience a piece of Hellertown history while enjoying hand crafted, freshly brewed local craft beer.  Originally built in 1927 as an automobile garage, this beautiful brick and steel building has housed everything from a duckpin bowling alley to a hardware store.  Now this 5000 sq ft space has been transformed into a warm, one of a kind place, with a vintage industrial atmosphere for friends to gather and enjoy what's on tap, on premise or to go.  The solid walnut bar seats 20, with tables and a bar seating another 25 outside.

The ample seating area offers a full view of the brewhouse with brewery tours available.

Bring the family and enjoy games such as darts, shuffleboard, dominoes and more... all accompanied by great music, smiling faces, and of course, a great pint or flight of freshly brewed beer or cider, made with the highest quality ingredients we can find.  

By embracing our historic connections and striving to evolve in beer and community, we will always honor the past and craft the future. We hope you do too. Cheers!


Seeker Shuffle Board Table

Board Games

Dog Friendly Patio

Outdoor Bar Top & Seating 

Locally Delivered Food & Food Trucks

Live Music

Brand New Facilities 

Brewers of PA

Craft Beer Vocabulary


A session beer will usually have less alcohol than others, falling below the 5% ABV mark. The lower alcohol level means the beer will have a thinner body, making them great for drinking several in a row, if that is what you are looking for.

Double / Imperial

These types are IPAs with a higher concentration of hops. In order to balance the strong hop flavor, the brewer will use more malt. This higher usage of malt will land the beer at a higher percentage of ABV, usually over 7% so go easy on these types!

Dry Hopped

Rather than adding the hops in while the liquid is boiling, dry hopping is a process of steeping hops in the fermenting beer. This creates an extremely strong aroma making the fruity/piney/candy-sweet notes of the hops very noticeable. If you like a very full tasting beer with a strong flavor, a dry hopped beer will make a great option.

Single Hopped

Most beers are created with many different types of hops, used just like you would seasonings to flavor up your meal, to create a nice amalgamation of flavors in your beer. On the other hand, a single-hopped IPA is brewed with just one type of hop. If you love having a single strong flavor in your beer, single hopped is what you should be looking for!

Fresh Hopped

Fresh hopped IPAs are available only once a year during the peak of hop harvesting season between late August and September. In order to qualify as a fresh hopped IPA, the hops have to leave the vine, travel to the brewery, and end up in the boil in under 24 hours. This makes for a truly fresh and capturing flavor, even more so the closer to the brew date you drink it. 

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